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WSJ: Trump Preferred Over Biden by Voters in Battleground States



According to a recent poll, former President Donald Trump is favored over President Joe Biden in most of the crucial battleground states that could determine their potential 2024 rematch.

The Wall Street Journal survey, released on Tuesday, showed that Trump holds the lead over Biden in six out of seven states surveyed: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina.

In North Carolina, Trump has a six-point lead over Biden in a poll that also includes third-party and independent candidates. Additionally, Trump leads by five points in Arizona, four points in Nevada, and three points in both Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, Trump narrowly leads Biden by one point in Georgia, while they are tied in Wisconsin.

Even in head-to-head matchups between Trump and Biden, the former president maintains similar leads in the surveyed states.

It is worth noting that Biden narrowly defeated Trump in most battleground states except North Carolina to secure the presidency in 2020.

However, the recent survey indicated that Biden received negative job performance ratings in all seven battleground states.

In contrast, all states, except Nevada, had a positive view of Trump’s tenure in the White House.

Survey respondents expressed their trust in Trump to handle the economy and immigration better than Biden. On the other hand, Biden was considered the preferred candidate for dealing with abortion-related issues.

Concerns about Biden’s physical fitness were also reflected in the survey results. Nearly 48% of voters believe Trump is more suitable to serve as president, compared to only 28% who believe Biden has the mental and physical fitness for another presidential term.