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Victory for Ogundokun and Igbinadolor in Easter Scrabble Tournaments



Akeem Ogundokun emerged victorious at the Easter Retreat hosted by the Ogun State Scrabble Association, while Nosa Igbinadolor claimed the top spot at the Plateau State Scrabble Association’s J-Town Bash, both events taking place on the same day.

These competitions, held in the picturesque state capitals of Abeokuta and Jos, attracted a significant number of participants for the one-day contests.

After 10 thrilling rounds, Ogundokun rose to the top of the leaderboard by narrowly defeating former national captain Cyril Umebiye, finishing with a +475 cumulative points after both players secured eight wins and two losses each.

Umebiye’s cumulative points totaled +420.

Coming in third was African Youth Champion David Ojih, who achieved seven wins and three defeats with +534 points, while Samuel Adebola secured the fourth spot in the 21-player retreat, which also saw the presence of Association Chairman Adekoyejo Adegbesan.

Players walked away with various cash prizes for their performances.

In the North-Central region, the bustling city of Jos hosted a 28-player championship, where Igbinadolor triumphed in Division A.

Leading the way as captain of Airpop Alpha, Igbinadolor clinched the top spot with a total of 9 wins in 12 rounds, securing victory in the final round with a score of 420-389 against Friday Ogbonyomi.

His impressive cumulative points of +617 secured his win ahead of Toke Aka (the National Federation President) and Ogbonyomi, who also attained 9 wins and 3 losses each but with lower cumulative points of 507 and 460, placing second and third, respectively.

Emmanuel Azi claimed the Division B title, with Arafan Anthony and Ashom Aaron coming in second and third in the lower division.

In a unique twist, players were treated to a tour of local attractions, including a visit to the museum, following the colorful event.

Muhammed Abbas, Chairman of the Plateau State Scrabble Association, expressed his excitement and appreciation for the successful execution of the tournament by the Local Organising Committee.