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Two Suspects Arrested in Connection with Killing of Missing Serbian Toddler, President Confirms



Following a desperate search for the missing two-year-old, President Aleksandar Vucic revealed on Thursday that a toddler who went missing in eastern Serbia last week has been found dead and that two suspects have been apprehended.

The disappearance of Danka Ilic on March 26 in Bor, a city in eastern Serbia, led authorities to activate the country’s version of an Amber Alert for child abductions, sending out text messages nationwide to raise awareness about the case.

Addressing government officials, Vucic stated, “The police have apprehended two individuals responsible for the death of the little girl. It appears that both of them have admitted to the crime.”

Expressing his dismay, he added, “What manner of individuals are we contending with?”

There was a glimmer of hope over the weekend when a video emerged showing a young child at a bus station in Vienna, leading to speculation that Ilic may be in Austria, which is home to a significant Serbian diaspora community.

Interpol also intervened by issuing a Yellow Notice on Sunday to alert authorities about the missing child.

Throughout the ordeal, Ivana Ilic, the mother of the missing child, spoke to Serbian media, saying that the family was holding on amidst the search efforts.

“We patiently await closure, clinging to hope for a positive outcome, after which my husband and I will address the public, responding to all the unwarranted accusations and speculation,” she conveyed to the local Serbian news outlet Nova.

Despite the rarity of child abductions in Serbia, there has been an increase in conspiracy theories circulating on social media regarding the trafficking and sale of young individuals in the Balkan nation.