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The Third Mainland Bridge is reopened, urging caution from drivers



Motorists are advised by the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority to adhere to speed limits while traveling on the recently repaired extensive portion of the Third Mainland Bridge.

This cautionary statement was released by the spokesperson of the agency, Adebayo Toafiq, on Wednesday.

Drivers are encouraged to pay attention to all traffic signs and utilize the technological equipment installed for monitoring traffic flow.

The Lagos State Government had announced on March 30 the imminent reopening of the Third Mainland Bridge on Thursday, April 4, 2024.

This information was shared via a statement made by the Commissioner for Transportation, Oluwaseun Osiyemi, on his official account last Saturday.

Stating, “Attention Lagos residents, We would like to inform you that full operations on the Third Mainland Bridge will resume on April 4, 2024, post-completion of extensive repairs.”

The National Assembly Joint Committee on Works conducted an inspection of the bridge repair progress and other federal projects in Lagos at the end of March.

Taofiq emphasized that to ensure driver safety and swift rescue response on the bridge, LASTMA will deploy personnel, patrol vehicles, and recovery units on the bridge.

Stating, “Drivers are urged by the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority to adhere to speed limits while driving on the newly refurbished lengthy stretch of the Third Mainland Bridge, connecting the mainland to various parts of the state.

“Motorists should be mindful of their time and plan their journeys in advance to prevent unnecessary speeding on the bridge and other connecting roads in the state.

“Additional personnel, patrols, and recovery vehicles will be deployed by the agency to ensure the safety of drivers and swift rescue operations on the bridge.”