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The Tariff Hike is Unacceptable and No Nigerian Has 20 Hours of Power Supply Daily, TUC Says



According to the Trade Union Congress, it is not possible for any Nigerian to receive 20 hours of power supply per day, and they strongly oppose the recent electricity tariff hike.

In a statement on Wednesday, TUC’s deputy President, Tommy Etim, highlighted this issue.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission approved a 250% hike in electricity tariffs for customers in Band A, which includes urban households.

NERC stated that customers receiving 20-hour power supply, falling under Band A, will now be charged N225 per kilowatt, up from N68.

The Nigerian government has announced an increase in electricity tariff.

However, the TUC criticized the Nigerian government, accusing them of prioritizing revenue generation over the well-being of citizens.

“The government is displaying insensitivity towards the plight of its citizens, focusing more on revenue generation than citizens’ welfare.

“The increase in electricity tariff from N66/kWh to N225/kWh for those enjoying 20 hours of power supply a day is unjustifiable and could lead to public unrest.

“This reflects the unpreparedness of Nigeria for 24-hour electricity supply. Currently, there is no location in Nigeria where people are receiving 20 hours of electricity supply, not even at essential places like the airport where continuous power is crucial for economic reasons.

“Once again, the government has made a significant mistake, especially during these challenging socioeconomic times when the cost of living is high, and workers’ salaries remain unchanged,” he remarked.

It is worth noting that since January 2024, Nigeria has been experiencing inconsistent power supply.