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The Federal Government Receives UN Equipment to Combat Wildlife Trafficking



In an effort to combat wildlife trafficking from Nigeria, the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime has provided wildlife monitoring and enforcement equipment to the Federal Government.

The equipment was handed over to the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), a Federal Government organization responsible for combating wildlife trafficking.

Acknowledging the need for advanced equipment to address the sophisticated methods employed by wildlife traffickers, Prof. Aliyu Jauro, the Director-General of NESREA, emphasized the importance of real-time equipment in enhancing wildlife monitoring and enforcement activities.

The equipment includes GPS trackers, digital binoculars, video cameras, laptops, desktops, weighing scales, walkie talkies, and other essential tools. These resources will be deployed to identified hotspots for traffickers across zonal and state field offices of the agency.

Jauro reiterated the government’s commitment to eradicating wildlife crimes, citing the recent destruction of seized wildlife stockpiles as a signal of zero tolerance towards such illegal activities.

Furthermore, he highlighted Nigeria’s efforts to strengthen border controls to prevent the country from being used as a transit hub for illegal wildlife shipments.

Folusho Adeleke, the Programme Officer at UNODC, commended the Federal Government’s initiatives in combating wildlife crimes and assured continued support to NESREA as the CITES enforcement authority in Nigeria.

Concerning a recent development, NESREA explained the reasons behind sealing Jui Jui Universal Investment Company, a charcoal production and export firm in Nasarawa State, following non-compliance with environmental regulations.

In response to complaints from Agwada residents, NESREA conducted an inspection and found that the company lacked essential environmental documents such as Environmental Impact Assessment, Air Quality Permit, and others necessary for operations.

Due to the company’s disregard for environmental regulations and failure to comply with a stop-work order, NESREA sealed the facility to prevent further environmental hazards, emphasizing the importance of maintaining standards in all operations.

The Director-General urged Nigerians to report any activities that pose environmental risks and reiterated the agency’s commitment to upholding environmental standards and protecting the well-being of the people.