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Rod Wave, American rapper, arrested for firearm possession



Arrested in Manatee County, Florida, Rod Wave, the American singer and rapper, is facing charges related to firearm possession.

The St. Petersburg Police Department, in a post-arrest press briefing, implicated Rod Wave in a gang-related shooting that occurred outside Sonic Sports Bar in St. Petersburg, injuring four individuals. This incident took place on Sunday, March 31.

During the briefing, St. Petersburg Police Chief Mike Kovacsev disclosed that three suspects apprehended, identified as Christopher Atkins, Keith Westby, and Kevontre Wesby, are reportedly associated with the Young Gangsters gang. Additionally, efforts are underway to apprehend two more individuals in connection with the shooting.

Contrary to these allegations, Rod Wave’s legal representatives, Bradford Cohen and Mark Rankin, have vehemently defended the rapper, emphasizing that he was taken into custody without any concrete evidence of unlawful activity.

Expressing their stance through an Instagram post, the attorneys asserted that Rod Wave was not in possession of a firearm at the time of his arrest.