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Response to Increased Demand: Air Peace Expands Capacity on Lagos-London Route



In light of a notable surge in demand, Air Peace, a Nigerian airline, has decided to ramp up its capacity for the Lagos-London route.

An official announcement was made via the airline’s Facebook account, highlighting the recent adjustment to accommodate the escalating requests from travelers.

Prospective passengers looking to fly to London with Air Peace now have a broader selection of available seats to choose from.

The statement released by the airline read, “Responding to the overwhelming demand and interest in our London route, we have opted to increase the capacity on this particular route, resulting in a greater number of available seats for our customers.

“Air Peace expresses gratitude to the Nigerian populace, both within Nigeria and the United Kingdom, for their unwavering support. We highly value this support and are committed to consistently representing the country with pride.”

This momentous decision was marked by the airline’s inaugural flight to London, carrying 260 passengers on a Boeing 777 with a seating capacity of 274, which took off last Saturday. The route will be operational daily from Lagos.

The adjustment in capacity has disrupted existing market dynamics, compelling foreign airlines that formerly monopolized the route to reassess and possibly revise their pricing strategies.

Allan Onyema, the Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, shared that tickets for Lagos-London flights with the airline are completely sold out through September.

During a recent interview with Arise TV, Onyema pointed out that Air Peace currently boasts a fleet of over 30 aircraft and has additional orders for 33 more planes in the pipeline.

It was underscored that Air Peace is on a mission to expand its aircraft count to surpass 60 in the near future.