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Nwoye Urges Arodiogbu to Caution Agballah on Party Crisis



Dr. Ben Nwoye, the former chairman of All Progressive Congress in Enugu State, has urged the party’s National Vice Chairman for the South-East, Dr. Ijeomah Arodiogbu, to intervene in the ongoing crisis within the party at the state level.

During a press briefing on Tuesday addressing the party’s internal conflicts, Nwoye recommended the formation of an investigative committee to examine the actions of the state chairman, Mr. Ugochukwu Agballah, in order to prevent further disruptions and safeguard the party’s future in Enugu State.

He criticized Agballah’s arbitrary suspension of prominent party members such as former Senate President Ken Nnamani, ex-governor Sullivan Chime, former Speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly Eugene Odo, and himself, Dr. Nwoye, among others.

Nwoye emphasized the necessity of investigating Agballah’s conduct and reining in his excessive actions to secure the future electoral prospects of the APC in Enugu State.

Despite concerns regarding the legitimacy of Agballah’s chairmanship, Nwoye highlighted the importance of unity under Agballah’s leadership and the need for him to foster inclusivity and growth within the party.

At a recent meeting in Enugu, APC stakeholders expressed willingness to revisit the expulsion and suspension of certain members, including Nnamani and Chime, among others.

In response to the meeting’s outcome, Nwoye urged Arodiogbu to caution Agballah against mistreating key party figures and making hasty suspension announcements.

The former chairman appealed to Arodiogbu to embrace a paternal role and promote reconciliation among party members to enhance future electoral performance.

Expressing disappointment over serious allegations made by Agballah against Mrs. Ginika Tor, the federal commissioner representing Enugu State in the Federal Character Commission, Nwoye emphasized the need to address the situation to prevent further embarrassment to the party.

He urged, “I implore Dr. Arodiogbu, the South-East zonal chairman of the APC, to initiate an inquiry into Agballah’s treatment of Senator Nnamani and former Governor Chime.

“They do not deserve the undue criticism from Agballah. We must rebuild the APC in Enugu State and foster unity for future electoral success.”

Acknowledging the absence of a formal congress in his selection as state chairman, Nwoye stressed the importance of Agballah uniting the party considering his acknowledgment as chairman.

He added, “Arodiogbu must compel Agballah to progress the party’s agenda. Agballah requires guidance. Together, we can revitalize the party and secure victory in 2027.”

Nwoye condemned Agballah’s attempts to enhance his reputation by associating himself with Senator Chukwuka Utazi and former Minister of Aviation Fidelia Njeze, among others, suggesting that their membership should have been initiated at the grassroots level rather than portrayed as Agballah’s triumph at the state level.”