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LFTZ Reports Handling 100,000 Containers at Lekki Port in a Year



Lekki Deep Seaport LFTZ Enterprises Limited has shared that within the period from April 2023 to April 2024, the port managed 100,000 containers and welcomed 75 vessels. Notably, the first LNG-powered vessel and the largest ship to enter Nigerian waters, measuring 366 LOA, were among the vessels received.

This milestone was announced via a post on the official LinkedIn page of the port, highlighting its effectiveness in supporting global trade.

The port’s capabilities include handling 14,000 twenty equivalent units container vessels, with transhipment activities commencing in June 2023, enabling over 25,000 transhipments thus far.

Appreciating the assistance received, the port specifically mentioned the Nigerian Ports Authority for their provision of marine services and tug boats.

Acknowledging the continuous efforts towards efficient traffic management, the port established a pre-gate truck park with a capacity for 153 vehicles, complemented by a vehicle booking system at the Lekki Port gate to prevent congestion.

The implementation of 2 Nuctech FS 6000 non-intrusive scanners by the Nigerian Customs Service was also highlighted by the port, aimed at expediting cargo examination and evacuation processes to ensure the safety and security of goods passing through their gates.

It was noted that the NCS duly authorized the port to process and receive pharmaceutical products, significantly broadening its operational scope and contributing to public health initiatives.

Reflecting on the accomplished milestones, the port emphasized the dedication, innovation, and collaborative efforts of its team, partners, government agencies, including Lekki Freeport Terminal & CMA CGM, and the broader maritime community.