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FG Set to Develop National AI Framework in Collaboration with 120 Researchers and Startups



In an effort to establish a unified framework for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the nation, the Federal Government is planning to bring together 120 Nigerian researchers, startups, and stakeholders in the field.

According to a statement by the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Bosun Tijani, the team of AI experts and startups will collaborate to create a comprehensive framework during the upcoming National Artificial Intelligence Strategy workshop scheduled to take place from April 15 to 18, 2024, in Abuja.

This workshop is being supported by Luminate, a global firm that is committed to driving cross-border change initiatives.

With the assistance of Luminate, the participants will collaborate to develop a comprehensive framework that is in line with Nigeria’s priorities and strategy for utilizing AI to enhance livelihoods and promote economic growth.

Tijani emphasized that the resulting strategy will play a crucial role in advancing Nigeria’s economic growth and quality of life through the strategic application of AI.

The statement included, “Since the beginning of my tenure, one of our primary objectives has been to create a well-defined and inclusive Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Nigeria.

“The importance of coordinating and harnessing the potential of AI for national progress is a key aspect of our efforts to leverage technology for enhancing productivity within our nation.

“AI presents us with the opportunity to utilize technology to address some of the most intricate and pressing challenges in sectors like education, agriculture, healthcare, and more.

“Acknowledging the vast talent pool of Nigerian origin spread globally and actively engaged in AI, we promptly identified some of these exceptional researchers and initiated collaborations with them on various projects.

“Through initiatives like the National Artificial Intelligence Research Scheme (NAIRS) and the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology Application (4IRTA) project, we have partnered with these skilled academics and entrepreneurs to integrate AI applications into our daily lives.