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Elon Musk’s Terms for Purchasing Disney



Expressing a keen interest in acquiring shares of the renowned entertainment conglomerate, The Walt Disney Company, billionaire Elon Musk has laid out his conditions for the purchase. Musk stipulated that he would only make the acquisition if activist investor Nelson Peltz secured a seat on Disney’s board.

In a recent development, Peltz faced defeat in his bid to join Disney’s board as the majority of stakeholders voted against his proposal. However, Musk, who assumes the role of Disney’s Chief Diversity Officer, recognizes Peltz’s potential contributions based on his impressive track record.

Through his X handle, Musk advocated for Peltz’s inclusion on the Disney board, stating, “Nelson Peltz should definitely be on the Disney board! He would play a pivotal role in reshaping the company, enhancing product quality, and advocating for the best interests of shareholders, a practice he has successfully demonstrated in numerous other companies.”

Musk emphasized, “This move would significantly boost Disney’s stock value. Although I do not currently own any Disney shares, I would consider purchasing them if Nelson were appointed to the board due to his outstanding performance record.”