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EKEDC Aims to Install Meters for 600,000 Customers within Five Years



Within the next five years, Eko Electricity Distribution Company plans to meter approximately 600,000 customers, as disclosed by the company.

The EKEDC, in a statement released on Tuesday, affirmed its dedication to closing the metering gap by the year 2028. The strategy involves metering 120,000 customers annually over the specified five-year period.

The power company has devised a district-wise plan detailing the installation of both single-phase and three-phase meters within its network.

Recently, the DisCo commissioned a modern 2 X 20 MVA Randle Injection Substation to serve customers in the Surulere area. This substation, boosting the area with about 30 megawatts of power, aims to alleviate the burden on existing substations and prevent load-shedding occurrences.

The DisCo reiterated its commitment to executing such projects for the satisfaction of its clientele, emphasizing the necessity of having similar projects in major customer clusters to keep pace with the ongoing expansion.

The company expressed particular concern for the Lekki-Epe corridors due to the rapid development of residential and commercial structures in the vicinity.

EKEDC mentioned that it typically receives between 12 and 15% of the available power from the grid, amounting to slightly over 500MW during stable operational periods. The firm also hinted at innovative solutions and collaborations with independent power producers to enhance its power allocation.

The bilateral agreement between EKEDC and Niger Delta Power Holding Company for the supply of 100MW, beyond the grid allocation, is presently paused due to financial constraints. However, efforts are underway to revive the agreement and escalate the provision.

Moreover, the company’s partnership with Elektron Energy in 2023 for a 30MW gas-fired embedded power generation initiative in Victoria Island is set to bolster the area with a consistent and uninterrupted power supply.

EKEDC highlighted various ongoing projects aimed at enhancing the power supply to customers, such as the construction of a new Festac III 33kV feeder, installation of an additional 15MVA; 33/11kV transformer at Lekki Injection Substation, and upgrades at Agungi Injection Substation among others.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dere Otubu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EKEDC, recently assured the Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, of an imminent improvement in power distribution across the EKEDC network.