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Eastern Ports Facing Opposition over New Haulage Rates



The Africa Association of Professional Freight Forwarders and Logistics of Nigeria, representing clearing agents, has expressed their opposition to the recently approved haulage rates for Eastern seaports by the Nigerian Shippers’ Council.

Frank Ogunojemite, the National President of APFFLON, emphasized that the approved rates do not accurately reflect the current situation.

While the NSC stated that the rates were agreed upon after considering various factors and were accepted by all stakeholders, including freight forwarders and truck owners, Ogunojemite countered that some signatories were coerced.

Expressing discontent with the new rates, Ogunojemite criticized the lack of sensitivity and urged the NSC to reconsider, indicating that the rates could negatively impact businesses and the economy.

He cautioned the NSC CEO, Pius Akuta, to be mindful of the decisions he approves and to prioritize the welfare of the people amid challenging economic times.

Highlighting the substantial increases in the new rates compared to the previous ones, Ogunojemite called for a more thoughtful and humane approach to policymaking by the government.