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Detention Order Issued for Alleged ISIS Member by DSS



A court order was granted to the Department of State Services on Wednesday to detain Nigerian citizen Emmanuel Osase, accused of affiliating with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The order, allowing the DSS to detain Osase for 60 days, was issued by Justice Inyang Ekwo at the Federal High Court in Abuja following an ex parte application identified as FHC/ABJ/CS/409/2024, presented to the judge by DSS lawyer A. A. Ugee.

During the court proceedings, Ugee referenced Section 66(1) of the Terrorism (Prevention and Prohibition) Act 2022 in support of the application.

The court was asked by Ugee to authorize the detention of Osase for two months to facilitate ongoing investigations.

In response, Justice Ekwo, acting as a vacation judge, approved the application stating, “Based on the contents of the affidavit, I hereby grant the requested relief.”

The case was adjourned until June 3 for further legal proceedings.

Osase, apprehended on March 11, stands accused of spreading ISIS propaganda, opposing Nigeria’s democratic system, and inciting terrorist actions against Nigeria and its national symbols.

In a filed affidavit dated March 27, 2024, Ahmad Abubakar from DSS Legal Service Department in Abuja argued for the necessity of Osase’s detention to safeguard ongoing investigations.

Abubakar stated, “The respondent was arrested for promoting ISIS ideologies, including advocating violence against Nigeria’s government and instigating terrorist attacks.”

Notably, Osase had previously served a five-year prison sentence in France for terrorism-related offenses before being deported upon completion of his term.

Abubakar added, “Preliminary findings indicate that despite his incarceration in France, the respondent continues to express extremist beliefs and maintains ties with ‘al-Alawn Media Foundation,’ a proscribed pro-ISIS online group focused on spreading terrorism and inciting attacks.”

“The respondent’s actions pose a significant threat to national security and Nigeria’s existence,” Abubakar further highlighted.

He emphasized the critical need for thorough investigation to prevent any security risks Osase might pose both domestically and internationally.

Abubakar elucidated, “The respondent has been cooperative in providing valuable information that could lead to the arrest of other fugitive associates.”