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Decay of 58-year-old library in Anambra saddens Senator



Expressing dismay, the Senator representing Anambra North, Tony Nwoye, was taken aback by the deteriorating state and lack of essential books at the historic Onitsha Library, which has stood for 58 years.

Nwoye made these comments during an impromptu visit to the library on a Wednesday, where he was given a tour of all the sections by the Senior Library Assistant, Helen Okonkwo.

The library, inaugurated in 1966 by the late Dim Chukwuemaka Ojukwu, the then Military Administrator of the defunct Eastern Nigeria, holds sentimental value for Nwoye as it played a significant role in his educational journey. However, he expressed disappointment at its current state, describing it as suffering from “terrible infrastructural decay.”

Addressing the press during the visit, Nwoye conveyed his concerns, stating, “The infrastructure decay here is evident and concerning. A substantial effort is required to restore this library to its former glory.”

“The Anambra State Government, specifically Governor Chukwuma Soludo, may not be fully aware of the extent of the decay and deterioration in infrastructure. I urge him, devoid of political motives, to visit this facility and initiate the necessary renovations,” Nwoye urged.

Recalling his personal connection to the library, Nwoye shared, “I used to come here for my academic preparations, and today, I am disheartened by the condition. This library serves the entire Anambra North Senatorial District and ought to be in a much better state.”

“The government is seemingly unaware of the profound decay and infrastructural dilapidation here. Given the governor’s commitment to education, I believe a visit here would prompt him to address the situation,” Nwoye added.

“I implore Governor Soludo to intervene and revitalize this library. The last significant attention the library received was during the tenure of former Governor Peter Obi, who established an E-Library here, albeit lacking electricity for operation. Hence, I am advocating for the installation of solar power,” Nwoye emphasized.