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Barge Operators Call on Federal Government to Reduce Port Road Traffic



In a recent discussion with NewsNow, the Barge Operators Association of Nigeria emphasized the need for the Federal Government to restrict the number of trucks used for container transportation from ports to prevent road damage.

The National Public Relations Officer of BOAN, Daniel Eze, highlighted the impact of heavy traffic on roads, suggesting that it significantly shortens the lifespan of the road infrastructure.

Eze proposed the implementation of a law or policy to control the quantity of trucks involved in container movement to preserve the road quality.

He explained, “Excessive truck activity, especially when carrying heavy loads, accelerates the deterioration of roads. If a road is designed to endure for 50 years but is consistently burdened by numerous trucks carrying substantial weight, its longevity is compromised.”

According to the BOAN spokesperson, there should be restrictions on the tonnage of cargo permitted for road transport, emphasizing the importance of utilizing inland waterways, where barges can play a vital role.

Eze expressed concerns about the approximately 30% decline in trade volume within the sector, attributing it to the unfavorable exchange rate.

He noted, “The fluctuating dollar rate has negatively affected businesses, leading importers to reduce container shipments. Some who previously handled 50 containers weekly are now down to 10 or even five due to the current economic conditions. While there is a slowdown in business activities, we anticipate a gradual recovery.”

Regarding the decline in trade volume, Eze refrained from specifying an exact percentage but indicated that it was significant, stressing that the trade volume could not have decreased by less than 30%.