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Ban on Depiction of Cross-Dressing and Thuggery in Kano State



In Kano State, movies that portray cross-dressing and thuggery are now prohibited by the Kano State Film Censorship Board.

During a meeting with stakeholders and management from Kannywood, the Board’s executive secretary, Abba El-Mustapha, announced this decision yesterday.

According to a statement from the board’s spokesperson, Abdullahi Sani Sulaiman, the ban on such films is a response to concerns from the public regarding the potential negative influence on youth in promoting criminal activities and inappropriate behaviors.

El-Mustapha emphasized the need to identify and remove any films that could undermine the state’s customs, norms, and values in the pursuit of popularity or profit.

These measures coincide with the Nigeria Police Force’s clarification that cross-dressing is not illegal under Nigerian law.

While acknowledging that figures like Bobrisky, a controversial crossdresser, may not conform to societal norms with their lifestyle, Police Public Relations Officer Olumuyiwa Adejobi stated that individuals cannot be arrested based solely on their choice of attire or lifestyle.