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Areas in Lagos with 20-24 hours of Power Supply



The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission approved an increase in electricity tariff for Band A customers, with Vice Chairman Musliu Oseni stating the new rate will be N225 per kilowatt per hour (KW/h) up from N66.

Customers in Band A receive 20-24 hours of power daily, while Band B customers get 16-20 hours, Band C get 12-16 hours, Band D receive 8-12 hours, and Band E subscribers only enjoy 4-8 hours of power each day.

In a press conference, Oseni mentioned that Band A customers make up 15% of the total 12 million electricity customers in Nigeria, about 1.8 million subscribers, and assured that the tariff review won’t impact other bands.

According to Bloomberg, power companies will be allowed to raise electricity prices to N200 per KW/h for urban consumers, up from N68, to attract new investments and reduce the $2.3 billion spent on tariff capping.

Lagos State Band A subscribers, who enjoy 20-24 hours of power daily, are listed in a document by Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company:

1. Ijaiye (33-Ota TCN-AMJE) in Abule-Egba Business Unit enjoys 998 KW/h

2. Ijaiye (33-Ota TCN-Abeokuta Expressway) in Abule-Egba Business Unit enjoys 930KW/h