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Aisha Yesufu criticizes Kano government’s ban on cross-dressing movies



The Kano State Government has faced criticism from Nigerian activist Aisha Yesufu for its decision to ban movies that promote cross-dressing in the state.

According to reports from NewsNow, the State Government also issued a warning against films featuring thuggery.

This move comes in response to public concerns about certain films that are believed to encourage deviant behavior among young people in the state.

The ban was officially announced by Abba El-Mustapha, the Executive Secretary of the Kano State Censorship Board, during a press briefing following a meeting between the board’s management and stakeholders from the Kannywood industry.

In her reaction, Aisha Yesufu mentioned the popular crossdresser Bobrisky and pointed out that cross-dressers have been present in Kano long before individuals like Bobrisky gained fame.

“Cross-dressers existed in Kano before Bobrisky became known,” she expressed.

She added, “Bobrisky still has things to learn from the original cross-dressers in Kano who do not require surgery for transformation.

Let’s continue the hypocrisy and turn it into a new trend,” she concluded.