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Abia State PDP Leader Jerry Awa Points Finger at Leadership for Party’s Loss of Power



In the recently concluded 2023 elections in Abia State by the national electoral commission, Jerry Awa, a former Deputy Chairman of Ikwuano Local Government Council Area and a prominent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member, criticized the Abia leadership for the party’s poor performance.

Awa attributed the failure to retain power to the leadership’s decision to present an unpopular candidate who lacked the ability to secure victory for the PDP in the state-wide polls.

Speaking to NewsNow in Umuahia, Awa expressed regret that the party leadership disregarded the zoning arrangements established by the state’s founding fathers and the party itself to accommodate the selfish ambitions of one individual.

According to Awa, this action led to a loss of PDP members and supporters to rival parties before the main elections in the state.

He criticized the party for fielding candidates who lacked the necessary capabilities, support, and grassroots connections to win elections for the PDP, leading to internal conflicts and division among stakeholders.

Regarding the zoning system, Awa emphasized that the PDP’s gubernatorial ticket was intended to rotate to Abia North, as Abia Central and Abia South had already had their turns. However, former governor Okezie Ikpeazu pushed for power to shift to the Ngwa extraction in Abia Central.

Addressing the outcome of the elections, Awa stated, “No one should point fingers at Otti or any other party for winning the gubernatorial seat. The key is to support any progressive government rather than criticize them.”

Commenting on the recent defections of former PDP candidates and supporters to other parties, Awa labeled it as treacherous behavior and urged party members to prioritize unity and collaboration over internal disputes.

He called on party leaders to set aside disagreements and create a cohesive platform where all members could contribute and benefit, emphasizing that politics should be about serving the people collectively.