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A tragic incident results in the death of a staff member at Osun university due to a fallen container



An unfortunate accident took the life of a female staff from the University of Ilesa on Wednesday along the Ilesa-Ibodi road. Reports indicate that a container filled with cashew nuts toppled off a truck, landing on the car of the university staff member.

The incident, which occurred close to the institution’s main entrance, caused a commotion among onlookers who promptly rushed to aid the victim.

An eyewitness shared that the staff member had just finished her day’s work and was on her way home when the tragic event unfolded.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior University of Ilesa staff member narrated, “Our colleague’s vehicle was trapped under a container transporting cashew nuts from a truck. She is believed to have lost her life.”

The accident led to a major traffic congestion on the bustling road as the fallen container and the vehicle obstructed a section of the road, hindering rescue operations.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, expressed deep sorrow over the demise of the unnamed University of Ilesa staff.

In response to the incident, Governor Adeleke, through his spokesperson Olawale Rasheed, urged relevant government agencies to investigate the accident’s cause thoroughly and ensure those accountable are held responsible.

Having been briefed on the matter, Governor Adeleke stated, “The authorities must identify the truck’s owner, investigate the accident’s circumstances, and address search and rescue procedures post-incident.”

He added, “I have instructed the Commissioner for Transportation to take action, conduct an immediate inspection at the accident site, the University of Ilesa, the victim’s family, and implement new regulations regarding heavy-duty trucks on narrow roads.”