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359 Motorcycles Seized by Task Force



Task force officials in Lagos carried out a crackdown on commercial motorcycles and individuals who had set up temporary dwellings near the rail tracks in the Fagba locality.

Following the commencement of the Red Line Rail project, a total of 359 motorcycles were confiscated and numerous makeshift shelters were demolished during the subsequent operation.

The spokesperson for the task force, Gbadeyan Abdulraheem, mentioned that the enforcement action, spearheaded by agency Chairman CSP Shola Jejeloye, targeted areas such as Fagba Rail Track, Iju-Ishaga, Abattoir, and Pen Cinema. This resulted in the apprehension of motorcycles operating on restricted routes, highways, and bridges within those zones.

Jejeloye revealed that hoodlums who congregated around the abattoir supported the motorcycle operators in resisting arrest and causing disturbances to prevent the seizure of the bikes. However, they were overpowered by the tactical skills and combat readiness of the task force.

He emphasized, “The operation to retrieve these motorcycles from their defiant operators was intricate due to the presence of troublemakers near the abattoir area. They resorted to hurling stones and objects at us to disrupt our efforts, but they were no match for our strategic superiority.”

“The existence of commercial motorcycles and encroachments by individuals along the rail tracks poses significant safety hazards to residents, pedestrians, and passengers opting for both trains and motorcycle transport. By completely clearing these areas, we enhance the visual appeal of the rail vicinity and help prevent encroachments on rail infrastructure in the state,” he added.

In a previous announcement in March, the task force mentioned that a total of 470 motorcycles were confiscated during a week-long enforcement operation across the state.

The state government had imposed a ban on commercial motorcycle operations to ensure safety on major thoroughfares.