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The Premier League Title Race: Nigel Winterburn Makes Predictions



Former Arsenal player, Nigel Winterburn, has shown preference towards Liverpool when it comes to predicting the winner of this season’s Premier League title, placing them ahead of both Manchester City and his former club, Arsenal.

Winterburn is of the opinion that if Liverpool can secure victories in their remaining matches, they will emerge as champions, indicating that Arsenal may have to bide their time for another year to clinch the title.

Presently, Liverpool leads the Premier League table with a two-point advantage over Arsenal and a three-point lead over Manchester City.

Winterburn expressed his views to Football365, stating, “I believe Liverpool are now the frontrunners for the title. If they continue their winning streak, they will likely finish as champions.”

He added, “While some argue that Manchester City should be considered favorites due to their track record of five title wins in the last six seasons, Liverpool, being the only team to break that streak, could be their main competitor.”

Concluding on the matter, Winterburn remarked, “Although I am rooting for Arsenal, it seems they might have to defer their title aspirations for another year.”