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The Peoples Redemption Party Condemns the 300% Electricity Tariff Increase



In a recent statement, the Peoples Redemption Party, PRP, criticized the federal government’s decision to raise electricity tariffs by a staggering 300%. The party described this move as not only insensitive but also a clear display of disregard for the citizens’ struggles.

The Acting National Publicity Secretary of the PRP, Muhammed Ishaq, highlighted that this policy shift would lead to a significant hike in electricity prices, skyrocketing from N68 to N200 per kilowatt-hour.

PRP expressed deep concern over the timing of this tariff increase, especially following the elimination of fuel subsidies and the sharp devaluation of the Naira. These previous actions had already heightened the cost of living and added to the hardships faced by Nigerians.

The party emphasized that imposing such burdensome policies on a population already grappling with challenges is unacceptable. PRP urged the government to rethink its decision and prioritize the welfare of its people.

Furthermore, the party called for exploring alternative approaches that would not further exacerbate the suffering of Nigerians. It stressed the need for empathy, understanding, and collaborative efforts to improve the citizens’ quality of life, rather than policies that deepen their struggles.

PRP voiced solidarity with the Nigerian populace, stating that the government’s actions were not only heartless but also showed a profound disregard for the citizens. The party underscored the immense difficulties faced by millions of Nigerians due to these harsh policies.

Summarizing their stance, PRP reiterated that the current economic challenges demand compassionate and considerate measures that uplift the people, instead of subjecting them to increased hardships.