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The newly appointed Senegal President has named opposition leader Sonko as the prime minister



Senegal’s youngest president, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, has taken office and promised significant changes following a period of turmoil. He announced opposition figure Ousmane Sonko as the new prime minister.

Faye, aged 44, won the presidency in a landslide victory on a platform of radical reform shortly after being released from prison. This marked his first experience in elected office.

His inauguration ceremony took place in Diamniadio, near Dakar, where he was sworn in amidst the presence of numerous officials and African leaders.

Shortly after the ceremony, Sonko, a prominent opposition leader, was appointed as the prime minister of Senegal by Faye’s administration.

The new president highlighted the importance of systemic change in his inaugural address, emphasizing his commitment to leading Senegal towards a future of hope, peace, and democracy.

Under Faye’s leadership, the administration aims to focus on national reconciliation, addressing the cost of living, combating corruption, and reclaiming sovereignty over key sectors such as oil, gas, and fishing.

Faye’s victory in the election has been praised on an international level, with various organizations and countries commending Senegal’s democratic process.

The president also expressed his intention to strengthen regional cooperation among African nations, particularly in addressing security challenges.

Faye’s presidency marks a new era for Senegal and has brought hope for a brighter future for the country.