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Singer Tyla reveals her preference for men and talks about Chris Brown’s early support



South African singer Tyla, known for her Grammy-winning music, recently shared her thoughts on men, stating that she is not attracted to extremely funny individuals.

During an interview with Capital Xtra in London, the artist behind the hit song ‘Water’ expressed that she is drawn to dominant men when it comes to her ideal partner.

She mentioned, “I find a dominant man to be my biggest turn on. On the other hand, men who are always trying to be funny are a major turn off for me. While I appreciate humor, it becomes irritating when they can’t be serious when needed.”

On a different note, Tyla revealed in an interview with Power 106 FM in Los Angeles, how Chris Brown supported her music in the early stages before she gained widespread recognition.

She reminisced, “Chris Brown used to attend my shows in disguise and mingle with the audience.”

Tyla’s music career soared internationally after her track ‘Water’ went viral on TikTok, propelling her to stardom. The song also clinched the coveted Best African Music Performance award at the 2024 Grammys.