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Shehu Sani’s Reaction to Rise in Electricity Tariff: Human Lives at Risk of Electrocution



Former Kaduna central district lawmaker, Shehu Sani, has expressed his concerns over the recent announcement by the Federal Government regarding the hike in electricity tariffs.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) recently approved an increase in the electricity rates for customers falling under the Band A category.

During a press conference in Abuja, Vice Chairman of NERC, Musliu Oseni, disclosed the decision to raise electricity tariffs, with customers now expected to pay N225 per kilowatt-hour, a significant increase from the current rate of N66.

Sani, who served in the 8th assembly, warned that this tariff hike would further impact the living standards of Nigerians and have detrimental effects on businesses.

His statement emphasized the potential risks posed by a 300% increase in electricity tariffs, stating that it could potentially lead to dire consequences for both individuals and businesses in the country.