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Rose May, the sister of Real Madrid’s David Alaba, Faces Challenges Due to Family Background



In a recent interview with 88.5 UFM, Austrian-Nigerian singer Rose May Alaba expressed frustration at the difficulty she faces in finding genuine supporters who believe in her vision, largely due to her family background.

Rose May, who is the sister of popular footballer David Alaba, shared her feelings about being perceived as part of a family that is seen as cash cows because of her brother’s soccer stardom.

Reflecting on this, she mentioned, “The hustle is definitely real. Everyone is chasing after money. When people hear my last name, which is linked to my brother, a prominent soccer player, they tend to view us as a source of wealth. There’s this misconception that money grows on trees for us. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

She continued, “It’s a challenge to come across individuals who genuinely grasp my vision. It seems like one must believe in themselves first before seeking external support.”