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PRP Condemns 300% Increase in Electricity Tariff as Insensitive



In a statement released on Wednesday, the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) criticized the federal government’s decision to raise electricity tariffs by 300%, calling it not just insensitive but also a clear display of disregard for the citizens’ welfare.

The Acting National Publicity Secretary of the party, Muhammed Ishaq, highlighted that this policy change would lead to electricity prices surging from N68 to N200 per kilowatt-hour, putting further financial strain on the populace.

The party pointed out that this significant hike, following the removal of fuel subsidies and the sharp devaluation of the Naira, has escalated living costs and added to the hardships faced by Nigerians, labeling it an unjustifiable burden on an already struggling population.

PRP emphasized the need for the government to rethink its decision and prioritize the welfare of its people, urging for the exploration of alternative solutions that do not exacerbate the suffering of Nigerians.

Expressing solidarity with the people enduring the tough economic conditions, PRP stressed the importance of empathy, understanding, and collective action to improve the livelihoods of citizens rather than implementing policies that deepen their struggles.

The party also expressed deep concern over the harsh impact of the decision on millions of Nigerians and echoed the sentiment of shock shared by the populace, especially amidst the challenges of survival.

According to the PRP, the removal of fuel subsidies has already made life unbearable for many, and the added weight of a 300% increase in electricity tariffs is seen as a harsh and unforgiving move at a time when most are striving to meet basic needs like food.

It is disheartening for PRP to witness the government enforcing such challenging policies on a nation already facing severe difficulties.