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Partial Compliance Reported in Plateau State as Truck Drivers Sit-at-Home



Traders, artisans, drivers, tricycle operators, and others in Plateau State showed partial compliance with the sit-at-home directive issued by transporters and trade unions in the state starting on Wednesday.

Ahead of this action, the Plateau State Joint Transport, Traders, and Marketers Association announced the sit-at-home, citing their rejection of an executive order signed by Governor Caleb Mutfwang.

The executive order, signed last month, aimed to regulate the construction of buildings and traffic congestion in the state, restricting heavy-duty vehicles from entering the Central Business Area between specified times with penalties for violators.

The transport group’s spokesperson, Abubakar Garba, argued that the executive order violated their constitutional right to freedom of movement.

Following a press conference, the association used social media to instruct businesses, markets, shops, filling stations, and workshops in Jos metropolis to close on April 3, 2024, as a protest against the order and urged trade unions to ensure compliance.

Observations in Jos and its surroundings indicated that the sit-at-home had limited impact as many businesses continued their operations, although there was a noticeable decrease in activity at Terminus Market.

Some traders expressed discontent with the directive, feeling it was ill-timed given the current economic challenges, suggesting that dialogue with the government would be more effective in addressing concerns.

Artisans like Johnson Philip also criticized the sit-at-home, advocating for trade unions to collaborate with the government’s efforts to improve safety in the region.

Philip highlighted past incidents involving trucks causing accidents and damage in Jos, questioning the trade unions’ silence during those events and their sudden opposition to government measures addressing such issues.

He emphasized the need for unity in supporting initiatives aimed at enhancing the transport sector and overall well-being of Plateau State.