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Danny Murphy’s EPL Prediction: Liverpool and Man City Lead Title Race over Arsenal



In a recent discussion on talkSPORT, former Liverpool player Danny Murphy highlighted Liverpool and Manchester City as the top contenders for the Premier League title, with Arsenal lagging behind.

Pointing out three critical upcoming fixtures, Murphy suggested that Arsenal might struggle to keep up with Liverpool and City in the title race.

With only three points separating Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City after 29 matches, the competition is heating up.

According to Murphy, Liverpool and City have more favorable fixtures in their future schedules, giving them an edge in the final stretch of the season.

Reflecting on the intense title race, Murphy mentioned, “This is the kind of excitement we expect in a Premier League title battle. Except for Manchester City supporters, most fans are probably rooting for a different team to emerge victorious.”

Regarding Arsenal’s chances, Murphy expressed doubts, noting, “I am not convinced Arsenal can clinch the title, mainly due to their challenging fixtures ahead. Away matches against Tottenham, Manchester United, and Brighton could pose significant hurdles for them.”

Assessing Liverpool and City’s prospects, Murphy added, “Both teams have relatively easier run-ins, with only a few tough encounters. Liverpool’s biggest test might come from their match against Tottenham, while Manchester City also have a favorable schedule ahead.”

Sharing his insight on Liverpool’s recent FA Cup exit, Murphy suggested that it could serve as a wake-up call for the team, stating, “Liverpool’s elimination from the FA Cup might have been a blessing in disguise. It could motivate them to perform better in the league. Based on their quality, I believe Liverpool will not repeat the same mistakes and prove they are superior to Manchester United.”