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Controversial Ally Named by New Senegalese President, Bassirou Faye as Prime Minister



The appointment of Ousmane Sonko as the new prime minister of Senegal was announced by the recently inaugurated President Bassirou Diomaye Faye on Wednesday.

A well-known figure for his stance against corruption and his vocal critique of the elite, Sonko was unable to contest in the recent presidential election.

In addition to his anti-corruption views, the conservative Muslim leader also advocates for pan-Africanism.

Despite facing legal challenges such as convictions for libel and abuse, Sonko has garnered significant support from the younger population in Senegal.

Faye, who himself had a history of incarceration, emerged victorious in the presidential race, securing over 54% of the total votes.

The government-backed candidate, Amadou Ba, managed to secure 35.79% of the votes, according to NAN reports.