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ASUU Strongly Condemns Illicit Recruitment Practices at FUT Minna



Expressing severe disapproval, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has denounced the recent uncovering of dubious recruitment methods employed by the management of the Federal University of Technology, Minna, located in Niger State. This misconduct is perceived as compromising the integrity of academic appointments.

In a press release issued in Minna, Niger State, Professor Gbolahan Bolarin, the chair of ASUU at FUT Minna, highlighted the administration’s flagrant disregard for due process and encroachment upon university autonomy.

According to Bolarin, there are indications of manipulation in the recruitment processes with the objective of diminishing academic appointments and turning them into tools of political influence, a trend he finds concerning and inappropriate.

He pointed out an instance where a senator from Niger East Senatorial District, through his Senior Legislative Aide (SLA), publicly showcased employment letters of two individuals who had benefited from this illicit recruitment scheme, camouflaged as a constituency project.

As a union comprised of academics, ASUU members are deeply troubled by the collusion observed between the university administration, politicians, and staff of the Accountant General’s Office (specifically, IPPIS) in undermining the integrity of academic appointments.

“Our Union firmly believes that the Federal University of Technology, Minna, along with other institutions, carries the responsibility of upholding the principles of academic independence, transparency, and merit,” he emphasized.

Emphasizing the necessity for corrective action, the ASUU chair urged all stakeholders to reevaluate their actions to avert unnecessary discord within the university, asserting that the union will not stand idly by while the institution deteriorates into a mere shadow of its academic potential.

“We call upon the university administration to prioritize compliance with established recruitment protocols and uphold academic autonomy,” he stressed.

Concluding the statement, he underscored the urgency of addressing the ongoing unauthorized recruitment and meddling with university autonomy at FUT Minna, branding them as unacceptable conducts warranting immediate intervention.

Prof. Bolarin further highlighted the role played by the absence of governing councils in federal universities, enabling several Vice-Chancellors to exploit approvals and waivers from the Minister of Education and Head of Service to sidestep laid-down regulations and procedures.

Adding to the appeal, the statement urged the President to promptly reinstate governing councils across all university campuses.

“We affirm our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the interests of academic staff and preserving the integrity of the Nigerian higher education system. We encourage all patriotic Nigerians to unite in defending the autonomy and reputation of our universities nationwide,” he concluded.