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Super Falcons’ Abiodun on Cameroon’s ‘Juju’ Drama: Our Faith is in God



Deborah Abiodun, a midfielder for the Super Falcons, described the juju incident that occurred during their match against Cameroon as a mere distraction created by their opponents.

Abiodun emphasized that the Super Falcons place their faith in God.

In a crucial second leg Women’s Olympic football qualifier, the Super Falcons defeated Cameroon’s Lionesses 1-0 after an intense match at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja.

A dramatic moment unfolded at the beginning of the second half when a Cameroonian player tried to place a juju-like object at the Super Falcons’ goalpost.

This action seemed to be directed at Nigeria’s goalkeeper, Chiamaka Nnadozie, who had been a formidable opponent for the Cameroonians in both Douala and Abuja.

The goalkeeper, however, thwarted the attempt, possibly neutralizing the efficacy of the charm and preventing the Lionesses from scoring.

After the game, Abiodun addressed the incident during a post-match press conference, stating that the visitors’ tactic was meant to divert the Falcons’ focus.

“We viewed it as a ploy to distract us during the game, but we maintained our concentration, irrespective of their beliefs,” remarked the 20-year-old.

“Our belief is in God; we stand firm and trust in Him. Through faith, all things are achievable.

“Therefore, we are unfazed by their voodoo [juju],” she concluded.