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Insights from Blessing CEO on Why She Ended Her Marriage



In a candid discussion, Blessing Okoro, more commonly referred to as Blessing CEO, has opened up about the reasons behind her divorce from her husband.

She shared that she opted to leave the marriage due to domestic violence rather than infidelity.

For her, she believes that infidelity alone is not a sufficient justification for ending a marriage.

During the inaugural episode of her TV program, Moments With Blessing CEO, she elaborated on her decision.

She stated, “I decided to part ways because of domestic violence; my spouse didn’t engage in infidelity. As women, it’s crucial for us to acknowledge our role in conflicts.”

Blessing CEO emphasized, “Infidelity should not automatically lead to marital dissolution. Similarly, if your husband is unfaithful, you can choose to keep it confidential like you would with a DNA test.”