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FCCPC takes action against JEDC’s ‘excessive debts’



In a recent development, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has strongly criticized the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDC) for what it considers as highly inflated bills imposed on consumers.

Adamu Abdullah, the Acting Executive Chairman of FCCPC, issued the directive in Bauchi on Monday.

During their visit to the state, the commission focused on gathering consumer grievances related to power supply, banking, aviation, and offering viable solutions.

Abdullahi emphasized that despite consumers financing the procurement of transformers, electric poles, and service wires, they are still facing excessively high charges that exceed their actual consumption.

The primary aim of the commission is to safeguard the consumers’ interests nationwide, he added.

“We have been approached by electricity consumers expressing dissatisfaction with the services provided, prompting our intervention,” Abdullahi stated.

He further elaborated on the complaints which encompass issues such as estimated billing, meter supply, and instances where communities collectively fund infrastructure equipment like transformers, wires, and poles, only to be additionally billed for installation on top of purchasing the materials themselves.

He stressed that these concerns have been raised with the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission under their Memorandum of Understanding. Any consumer reporting an unjustified charge on their meter beyond the expected limit will lead to discussions with the Distribution Company to ensure resolution, he explained.

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