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Otti appeals for finance, logistics support from US



Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, is seeking support from the United States consulate to enhance trade, investment, and other sectors within the state. The appeal was made during a meeting with the Political and Economic Section Chief of the US Consulate, Lagos, Mike Ervin, and his team who were on a working visit to the state.

Governor Otti outlined various challenges faced by the state, particularly in the business sector, calling for assistance in the areas of finance, power supply, and logistics support for the digital economy. He also mentioned the imminent commissioning of the Geometric power plant in Aba, which is expected to address the issue of power supply in the region.

Highlighting Abia’s significance as a major trading and industrial center in Nigeria, Otti emphasized the state’s strengths in shoe manufacturing, fabrics, and garment production. He expressed regret over past infrastructural decay that resulted in the relocation of businesses from Aba to other states but noted that many were now returning due to the administration’s efforts in road infrastructure improvement.

Governor Otti also discussed the challenges related to foreign currency funding and proposed collaborative solutions to mitigate fluctuations in foreign currency prices, ultimately ensuring support for the state’s businesses.

Mike Ervin of the Lagos US Consulate emphasized their mission to expand bilateral trade and investment and foster prosperity between the United States and Nigeria, particularly in the 17 Southern States covered by the Consulate.

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