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The Deterioration of People’s Tolerance



Elasticity limit of peoples suffering

“The tongue of the thirsty, the stomach of the sacked workers, the jaws of the jobless, the heart of the hungry, the limbs of the lost, have a song of their own. It is distinct from our leaders’ call for another season’s sacrifice.”

The era of self-deceit in a democracy structured against the people is drawing to a close. Recent protests across Nigeria indicate the citizens’ growing frustration and anger towards the political leadership. It’s clear that the nation is at a breaking point.

On Monday, February 5, 2024, youths in Minna protested against the high cost of living, disrupting the city’s traffic. This was quickly followed by similar protests in Kano, Suleja, and Lokoja in the subsequent days. The Northern Elders Forum also issued a stern warning to President Tinubu regarding the dire food insecurity situation.

The ruling party, instead of acknowledging its failure to improve citizens’ lives, resorted to baseless accusations against the protests. However, the facts speak for themselves. Inflation has soared, insecurity is rampant, and poverty rates have sharply increased.

The frustration and anger of the people have reached their limit. These protests are a clear indication that the situation cannot continue as it is. Swift and meaningful action from the government is now imperative to prevent the country from descending into chaos.

Specific steps should be taken, such as reversing the fuel subsidy removal, addressing the issue of restructuring the country, and allowing states to control their natural resources. The government must take proactive measures to prevent a repeat of the “Occupy Nigeria” protests seen in 2012.

If these critical issues remain unaddressed, the people’s patience, tolerance, poverty, hunger, and anger will reach their limit, leading to inevitable social upheaval.