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LP, PDP urges Nigerian govt to ensure transparency in grain distribution



LP PDP urges Nigerian govt to ensure transparency in grain

LP and PDP call on the Nigerian government to ensure transparency in grain distribution

The Labour Party and the Peoples Democratic Party have both urged the federal government to prioritize transparency in the distribution of 102,000 metric tons of assorted grains as a short-term solution to address the food crisis in the country.

Emphasizing the need for accountability, both leading opposition parties have highlighted the importance of the government fulfilling its promises, with reference to previous unmet commitments.

Amid widespread protests over the soaring cost of living and escalating food prices, the federal government announced its intention to release 42,000 metric tons of maize, millet, garri, and other essential commodities from the National Strategic Grain Reserve.

Addressing the government’s pledge, the spokesperson for the Labour Party Campaign Organisation, Yunusa Tanko, expressed doubt regarding the fulfillment of the 102,000 metric tonnes grain distribution, citing the government’s history of unfulfilled pronouncements.

Yunusa Tanko added, “The pain is too much and the masses are the ones feeling it. A dog doesn’t know his owner is having a party until he begins to see bones on the floor,” highlighting the palpable suffering experienced by the populace.

Similarly, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Abdullahi Ibrahim, acknowledged the severity of the food shortage, questioning the effectiveness of the government’s approach and its impact on the prevailing hunger and crime rates.

Both parties urged the government to pursue the announced objective with sincerity and hoped that it would offer temporary relief to citizens, enabling them to endure the hardship to the minimal level.

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