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Kidnapping Incident: A Horrific Experience



Kidnappers killed our driver for talking – Ekiti school worker

In an interview with ABIODUN NEJO, Mrs. Omolola Awoyo, a school staff member at Apostolic Faith Group of Schools in Emure Ekiti, recounts the harrowing ordeal she and others endured after being kidnapped in Ekiti State. The following are excerpts from the interview:

How did the kidnapping unfold?

As we were taking the children from school to Eporo, we were ambushed at a junction by four gunmen who threatened to kill us if we moved. They ordered us out of the bus and into the bush.

What was going through your mind at that moment?

I knew we were being kidnapped due to the circumstances.

What language did the kidnappers speak?

They were from the Northern region of the country.

What were the conditions like in captivity?

We were forced to lie face down for hours, made to trek through the bush, and given minimal food and water, which included gutter water.

Were there any altercations with the kidnappers?

The kidnappers became agitated with our driver for speaking up, which ultimately led to his tragic death.

What were your thoughts during the ordeal?

I was worried about my children and prayed to survive for them.

How did you feel upon your release?

I was relieved but physically and emotionally drained.

What has your recovery been like?

The medical staff have provided excellent care, and I am grateful to the Governor and others who played a role in our treatment.

What are your future plans?

I do not intend to return to my previous job due to the trauma. I hope to find alternative employment, and I appeal to the Governor for assistance in this regard.

Have you been in contact with your children?

I have only spoken to them on the phone and look forward to reuniting with them after leaving the hospital.