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‘Bobrisky asked me out’ — Comedian Bello Khabir



Bobrisky asked me out — Comedian Bello Khabir

The famous comedian Bello Khabir has made the claim that the well-known crossdresser Bobrisky is gay and once made advances towards him. These allegations were revealed during a recent episode of The Esther Show podcast, where Khabir was featured as a guest. Khabir stated that he received attention from several gay individuals after portraying a female character in one of his skits. He specifically mentioned an encounter with Bobrisky, recalling that it was in 2017 or 2018.

Reacting to Khabir’s claims on Instagram, Bobrisky dismissed them as a ploy for attention, alleging that the comedian was using his name to gain notoriety. Bobrisky posted a screenshot showing a direct message request sent by Khabir, implying that the comedian was seeking something from him. Bobrisky also asserted that he had blocked Khabir a long time ago and that the comedian’s career had declined, leading him to use Bobrisky for publicity.

Throughout his response, Bobrisky emphasized his association with affluent individuals and indicated that he would never entertain the advances of someone like Khabir, whom he referred to using derogatory terms.

This controversy has gained attention and sparked a social media debate.