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Valentine’s Day and Protecting Your Future



Temilolu Okeowo new

Dearest Nigerian sisters,

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I often wonder about the thoughts running through the minds of young girls. This is a time when many secondary school girls feel pressured to give up their virginity, equating it with desirability and love. Sadly, many parents contribute to this mindset by not providing their daughters with attention and affirmation, leaving them susceptible to the manipulation of individuals who have less-than-honorable intentions.

On February 14, many girls will make choices that could have long-term negative effects on their lives. Some have committed to losing their virginity as a way to celebrate the day. Countless destinies may be tainted, polluted, and steered away from the path of God’s divine plan for them. It is disheartening to think that a destiny meant to bring pride and joy to their parents or rise to greatness could be derailed by a momentary and ill-advised romantic encounter.

It may sound harsh, but the reality is that some individuals, due to their foolishness and impatience, will make decisions on Valentine’s Day that will negatively impact their lives. Some will engage in sexual activities that could lead to spiritual and emotional harm. Others will unwittingly enter into transactions that will lead them to a life of dependence and hardship. It’s a grave matter. Additionally, some girls may compromise their values and resort to desperate measures just to have a Valentine’s date and the promise of gifts. It is truly perplexing.

Many young people today are living with the consequences of their parents’ poor choices in relationships. It is crucial to break this cycle and focus on building a fulfilling and God-designed life. Developing your virtues and potentials will attract honorable suitors, and by then, you will have the discernment to choose wisely. Your future is too bright to be jeopardized by temporary pleasures.

I urge you to concentrate on nurturing your character and talents, which will bring invaluable rewards and fulfillment. Remember, a queen like you deserves more than fleeting attention and gifts. Your future is invaluable, and you have the power to attract a love that transcends Valentine’s Day. Let’s protect our futures.

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