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Nigerians Urged to Prepare for Increased Trekking Amid Rising Fuel Prices, says Actress Hilda Dokubo



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Actress Hilda Dokubo has urged Nigerians to brace themselves for a new way of life that involves prolonged fasting and extensive trekking.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, accompanied by the caption “While we celebrate our victory, let us prepare for a new lifestyle of long fasting, long trekking, and long-suffering. Their mandate is mandating”, Dokubo stressed the necessity for citizens to adapt to the current challenges in the country.

In response to the hike in fuel prices, Dokubo suggested that individuals should resort to trekking as fuel prices continue to soar.

Addressing the economic challenges confronting the nation, she expressed concern over the soaring prices of essential commodities such as electricity, fuel, bread, and Garri.

Despite the hardships, Dokubo encouraged Nigerians, particularly families with many children, to stay strong and remain resilient, expressing confidence in their ability to persevere through adversity.

She remarked, “Just so you know, fuel is N1,250 which means, on your mandate you have to stand, on your leg you have to walk. Get ready. All of you who do not like walking, go and get trainers so that you can waka.

“We have gone back to the 18th century, electricity, twice they have increased it this year, February never even reach half, fuel N1,250, diesel N1,700, bread is almost N3,000, as for Garri, let’s not go there.”