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CAN Urges Tinubu to Take Immediate Action Against Economic Challenges and Insecurity in Nigeria



A statement released by the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, in the 19 Northern States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has expressed worry regarding the current economic hardship and the rising security challenges in the country.

The Secretary General, Elder Sunday Oibe, expressed concern that the hardship faced by ordinary Nigerians has become unbearable, citing the high cost of essential goods and services, as well as the collapse of small businesses due to unreliable power supply.

The statement highlighted the declining value of the naira and emphasized the urgent need for the government to address the situation, which has weakened the purchasing power of ordinary citizens.

It further underscored the escalation of insecurity, particularly the widespread killings and kidnapping for ransom, urging the government to take prompt action to address the distressing economic and security situation in the country.

Additionally, the statement lamented the activities of bandits in Plateau State and other regions, expressing sadness over the recent attacks in Mangu Local Government Area, and emphasized the need for the government to intervene and halt the killings across the country, emphasizing the imperative of holding the perpetrators accountable.

The statement called for justice to be served, stating that without holding the perpetrators and sponsors accountable, peace talks would only be rhetorical.