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62 Baptist church members killed in eight months



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The tragic news of 62 Baptist church members being killed within the past eight months has prompted the Plateau Baptist Conference to call upon the Federal Government led by President Bola Tinubu and the state government led by Caleb Mutfwang to take urgent action to address the ongoing attacks and killings in the region.

During the 47th Annual Conference of the church in Jos, Rev. Koeleh Saleh, the President of the Plateau Baptist Conference, revealed the staggering number of church members, including pastors and their children, who have lost their lives in various attacks in Mangu and Bokkos LGAs of the state.

The distressing account included the killing of 33 church members in Mangu LGA on May 15 and 16, 2023, as well as subsequent attacks in other communities. Saleh emphasized the devastating impact of these attacks, which not only resulted in loss of lives and injuries but also led to economic dislocations and the displacement of communities, with invaders continuing to graze freely in the affected areas without repercussions.

The Baptist churches in the targeted communities suffered significant destruction, including the loss of member houses and the destruction of several church buildings. Saleh also highlighted the need for justice in addressing the long-standing insecurity and urged the government to establish state police to effectively tackle the problem.

In response, Caleb Mutfwang, the state governor, expressed his acknowledgment of the security challenges faced by the state and commended the Baptist Conference for its role in promoting peaceful coexistence despite the sustained attacks. He assured the church and its members of the government’s commitment to addressing the security challenges and restoring lasting peace in the communities. Mutfwang emphasized the importance of ending the cycle of violence and safeguarding the lives and homes of the people.

The church’s plea for urgent intervention and justice in the face of ongoing attacks underscores the pressing need for decisive government action to address the longstanding insecurity and bring an end to the tragic loss of lives and destruction in the region.