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Reps urge Nigerian govt to enforce executive order on patronage of Nigerian-made products



Reps urge Nigerian govt to enforce executive order on patronage

The call for the Federal Government to ensure compliance with Executive Order 003 of 2017 on patronizing Nigerian-made products has been intensified by the House of Representatives. This follows the adoption of a motion put forward by Rep. Esosa Iyawe (LP-Edo) during a plenary session in Abuja. Iyawe emphasized the significance of the textile sector in boosting economic activity in developing countries and its historical role in Nigeria’s manufacturing industry.

Highlighting the past prominence of the Nigerian textile industry as a major employer of labor, Iyawe expressed concerns about the current non-compliance with Executive Order 003 and the prevalent preference for cheap imported fabrics over locally produced textiles. He warned that this trend would continue to devalue Nigerian textile products, posing a threat to the country’s economic progress.

In response, the House urged the Federal Government to take decisive steps to ensure the enforcement of the executive order and to conduct awareness campaigns to educate citizens on the benefits of supporting local textile manufacturers. Furthermore, the House called upon various national institutions including the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Nigeria Police Force, and others to prioritize the patronage of Nigerian-made textiles.

Additionally, the House appealed to the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment to create an enabling environment that would attract both domestic and foreign investments, fostering sustainable economic development.

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