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NAFDAC Takes Action Against Pizza Outlets in Abuja for Using Expired Ingredients



Two pizza outlets in the FCT have been penalized by the FCT Directorate of NAFDAC for using expired dough blend seasoning, stated Mr Ozigis Abdulsalam, the FCT Director of the agency in a press release in Abuja on Friday.

The FCT department of the agency conducted an inspection of pizza outlets based on intelligence information and identified that two outlets were utilizing expired dough blend seasoning as well as deep ham slices in the preparation of their pizzas, which is a violation of food safety regulations and can pose public health risks.

Abdulsalam emphasized that such actions amount to neglect of best practices and can compromise food safety. The confiscated ingredients led to penalties being imposed on the company in question, and they are required to provide an undertaking to refrain from such practices in the future.