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Threats to Marry Abducted Bride and Sell Wedding Guests



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A video has been released by the bandits who abducted a bride and over 60 women traveling with her to her marital home in Damari, Sabuwa LGA of Katsina State last Thursday.

The captives were featured in the video, which has garnered significant attention on social media. The bandits are seen making threats and demanding ransom from the captor’s relatives. They threaten to force the already-married bride to marry someone else if their demands are not met.

The group’s leader, dressed in a police uniform, stated in the video that they were holding 63 captives and also threatened to sell off the other wedding guests.

The abduction of the bride and wedding guests occurred on Thursday, February 1. They were reportedly friends of the bride from Dandume and were ambushed at Sabuwa while traveling in an open van.

In the video, the gang leader proclaimed, “I am the one who abducted them, and I will never release them until ransom is paid. And if there is anyone who thinks they could rescue them, they should try it.”

The Katsina State Government announced that it had initiated rescue operations in response to the kidnapping.

On Thursday, February 3, the state’s Internal Security Commissioner, Muazu Nasiru, stated that the government was aware of the situation and had launched operations to secure the victims’ rescue.