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Labour Party Chieftain Olumide Akpata Denies Involvement in Edo State Protest and Attack



Olumide Akpata, a governorship aspirant in Edo State, has refuted allegations of his involvement in the protest and attack on the National Chairman of the Labour Party, Julius Abure, during a recent demonstration at the party’s secretariat in Benin City.

Akpata explicitly disassociated himself and his supporters from the protest, emphasizing that they were not participants in the events that unfolded at the party’s headquarters.

The protest, reportedly led by aggrieved party members, particularly youths, was aimed at Julius Abure, accusing him of favoring certain aspirants in the upcoming party governorship primary and compromising his position.

Despite the protestors’ attempts to gain access to the secretariat building, security operatives intervened to prevent any escalation of the situation.

During a press conference in Benin City, Akpata asserted that he has no history of violence or instigating violence, denouncing the efforts to link him to the protest as a smear campaign to damage his reputation and political standing within the Labour Party.

He attributed the allegations to internal opposition within the party, asserting that they are aimed at undermining his candidacy in the forthcoming primary elections.

Akpata also addressed rumors linking him to a previous violent attack on a former National Youth Leader of the party, dismissing them as unfounded and malicious.

Emphasizing his commitment to lawful conduct, he warned those behind the allegations to cease their actions and vowed to seek legal recourse to protect his integrity against such falsehoods.

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